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Fatale Volume 3 TP - Ed Brubaker Unlike previous volumes, this Fatale collection is more like a series of short stories, each set in a different time and place. Really, it serves as a form of exposition, explaining (somewhat, sort of) what Josephine is, who is pursuing her, and who has gone before her. Not everything is explained, which is good. A little mystery around the edges of the story keeps me interested. I liked meeting women like Josephine through history. They are all somewhat similar, but I can chalk that up to being shaped by very similar experiences. I also liked seeing a range of time periods. To my surprise, I ended up liking the Wild West vignette the best. I am not exactly a western sort of person, not usually. I was also surprised to discover how much going backwards in time advanced the overall story of Fatale. I'm still really enjoying this series, as much for the stylish art as for Brubaker's writing.