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Otomen, Vol. 16 - Aya Kanno Frankly, I was bored by the school play story that takes up way too much of this volume. This series really didn't need a half-hearted romantic rivalry. What it did need is what happens towards the end: Asuka's mother finally discovers her son's love of stereotypically girly things. She's portrayed as an almost demonic character, which I suppose is fitting. I don't expect great introspection into the antagonist in a manga like this. That said, I ended up feeling kind of sorry for her. It takes a pretty broken person to see her son happy and surrounded by friends who love him and decide that she must end that at all costs. The next volume will be the last, so I don't expect a drawn out confrontation here. Hopefully, it will lead to certain things being settled. The fact that Asuka still hasn't had a heart-to-heart with his father is getting silly.