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Deadpool: Dead - Carlo Barberi, Daniel Way For a Deadpool trade, this is massive. I'd gotten used to the 3-5 issue volumes that had come before, so the sheer size of this one came as a surprise. And I do have to wonder why they chose to collect it in this way, since it really is more than one storyline. Well, I'm glad they did, in any event.

But wow, is this a mixed bag. Most of the first storyline (Deadpool trying to get dead) is actually pretty good. The entire series picked up a lot of momentum once he got truly suicidal, and this was meant to bring that all together. But the actual resolution (Deadpool loses his powers but decides to try living) is badly, badly rushed, to the point of being entirely unconvincing. And then there's a bunch of junk in the middle, about which the less said the better. But the very last issue is surprisingly good, especially the last scene.

Really, this is kind of a compressed look at Way's entire run. Great ideas and scenes interspersed with a bunch of lazy action scenes. Glad I read it, because it did end up being a fairly satisfying resolution to Way's run on Deadpool. But I don't think I would suggest sticking out through the whole thing to anyone who isn't a Deadpool fan.