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Ultimate Spider-Man: And His Amazing Friends Vol. 20 - Brian Michael Bendis Just another great volume of Ultimate Spider-Man, what else is new? I love the reference to the Spider-Man/Iceman/Firestar cartoon in the title, though the story has little enough to do with anything like that. Instead, it's mostly about Peter's schoolmate Liz, and her mutantphobia, and settling her storyline. This volume in particular showcases why I really like Ultimate Spider-Man but mostly stay away from the other Ultimate books. In most of the Ultimate line, it seems like the writers took "modern and edgy" to mean "the main characters must be jackasses". Not so here. Because a teenage boy who devotes his spare time to thanklessly doing all the good he can is going to be a decent guy in the rest of his life. And he is, mostly. Also, there's Magneto. Awesome.