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Ultimate Spider-Man, Vol. 16: Deadpool - Mark Bagley, Brian Michael Bendis The bulk of this collection is taken up with Spidey teaming up with the X-Men (and, incidentally, girlfriend Kitty Pryde) to take on the Ultimate version of Deadpool. Who is, appropriately, incredibly creepy and intimidating. Despite being almost entirely action, it's still a pretty good story, and I really do like the Kitty/Peter relationship that anchors it. The last two issues are very different: vampires, guest starring Morbius and (very briefly) Blade. Supernatural stuff always seems like a weird fit in Spider-Man, to me. And yet, these things do exist in his world, and he can't possibly avoid them forever. I like that Bendis allowed Peter to be really and appropriately freaked out that he's encountering vampires.