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Queen and Country: The Definitive Edition, Vol. 4 - Greg Rucka, Antony Johnston, Brian Hurtt It seems this will be the last of Queen and Country in comics format. A shame. A bit of a shame also that this volume doesn't advance Chace's storyline from the previous volume. Instead, we have three stories from early in the careers of Crocker, Wallace, and Poole. I was glad to read Crocker's, because I'd been wondering exactly what had happened with Karpin back in the day. Wallace's was decent enough and had a good backdrop (the handover of Hong Kong from the British to the Chinese) but didn't thrill me. Possibly because I'd never been terribly interested in Wallace. Poole's story was from his SAS days in Northern Ireland. Quite a change of scenery and pace from the average Queen and Country story, but for me the most riveting story in this collection. Not the best Queen and Country, to be sure, and I would have liked to have seen more of Chace in comics format, but still a nice way to send the series off.