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Runaways Deluxe, Vol. 1 - Brian K. Vaughan, Adrian Alphona, Takeshi Miyazawa The deluxe edition has the complete first series of Runaways, 18 issues in all. It's a complete storyline, beginning to end. We start with six teens (and one preteen) discovering that they're parents are actually very powerful supervillains, and running away as an act of rebellion. Eventually, we get to the confrontation that we all knew was inevitable. The first six issues, which deal with the initial act of running away, was a really strong opening to the series. The last six issues, which cover that confrontation and the build up to it, are likewise quite strong, come to an ending that is surprising and satisfying and open ended enough that Vaughan was able to pick right back up again with the second series almost right away. The middle issues feel very much like filler. I think Vaughan just lost the narrative thread in there. Luckily, he picked it back up again. Strong beginning, strong ending, meh middle. I've read far worse.