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American Vampire Vol. 5 - Scott Snyder A really good volume, but not without its weaknesses. There are three storylines here. The first introduces Dracula. Because can you really build a new vampire mythos without dealing with Dracula? (Probably, but I bet it's more fun if you do.) The buildup to Dracula as a formidable enemy is built up very nicely, and I was very nervous for the protagonists when they finally caught up to him. Sadly, the follow through didn't match that build up. That said, the more human (if you will) story of Felicia Book and her "son" is definitely the focus. Which is good, because it is a good story. And I'll be interested to see where this will lead the Vassals of the Morning Star in issues to come.

The second story brings us back to Pearl and Henry. Henry has been attacked and nearly killed by vampires, and Pearl is going to help the VMS take them down. And Sweet, who is also working for the VMS, will help her. Now, this was a good story, because it was carried by Pearl and her emotions, especially her feelings for Henry. A few weak spots, but overall a great episode in Pearl's life, with a very effective ending.

The last story is very short, more of a teaser for what will probably come in the next book. It brings back Abilena Book, Felicia's mother. Apparently, she has some prophetic abilities now. It also hints at a new character, The Gray Trader. Whatever he is, he feels like bad news. I liked getting a little tease to get me excited about the next volume.

As a whole, this is mostly a really good volume in the American Vampire series. Not surprising, since American Vampire has been consistently good, creative and creepy in equal measure. I am very much looking forward to seeing more of this.