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The Starman Omnibus, Vol. 6 - James Robinson, Peter Snejbjerg This is the end of Starman, and it wraps up just about every loose end possible. Don't misunderstand, this is no neatly tied package. But it is a satisfactory conclusion on every level.

One of the things that really appealed to me about Starman is that it is, as a whole, about something. Not many superhero comics are, not as a whole piece. Starman is, in so many ways, about living up to the legacy of those who came before you, including (perhaps especially) your parents. It's also about walking away from that legacy and starting your own. This volume in particular neatly summarizes that theme. Jack Knight may not become the man his father was, but he does become the best man he can be.

It also drives home just how important it is to read these omnibus editions. If you're trying to read Starman now, for the first time, this is the only way that you'll get everything. And nearly everything becomes important here, at the end.