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Lizzie Newton: Victorian Mysteries Vol. 2 - Hey-Jin Jeon What a pretty cover! I had enjoyed the first volume in the series, but the second one was even better. At least for me. You see, the mystery this time revolves in a wager that Lizzie has placed with her editor. He has found a cipher in an antique book, and has bet that Lizzie can't solve it. If she can, she'll win a signed first edition of one of Victor Hugo's books. Monsieur Hugo makes a brief appearance in the first few pages of this volume.

And that is where this book is almost cheating in getting my love. Because Victor Hugo is my favorite author, and [b:Les Misérables|24280|Les Misérables|Victor Hugo|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327702573s/24280.jpg|3208463] is my favorite book. And any character willing to go to such great lengths to get a signed copy? This is someone I would get along with quite well. The actual mystery itself (the cipher, its contents, and how it came to be where it was found) is told well enough, but this volume is really about Lizzie's love of books. And that is the part that I absolutely loved.