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Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Vol. 7 - Hayao Miyazaki, Matt Thorn, Kaori Inoue, Joe Yamazaki, Walden Wong, Izumi Evers This review will be for the series as a whole. I have, of course, watched the movie version of Nausicaa. Which made the first volume and half of the second fairly familiar territory for me.

But once you get past the halfway point of the second volume, and into the ground the movie didn't cover, the story grows exponentially. More characters, and a much, much bigger story. A lot of the questions that I'd had about the setting after watching the movie are answered in a satisfying way in later volumes.

I also greatly appreciate Miyazaki's restraint in not assigning good and evil roles. Characters are flawed, and do terrible things. But I don't recall a single character that is entirely, unredeemingly evil. This is not the easy way to tell a story, and it speaks to the message that Nausicaa left me with, that flawed though humans are, there is still hope.