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Journey By Starlight: A Time Traveler's Guide to Life, the Universe, and Everything - Ian Flitcroft, Britt Spencer Imagine that you're traveling at the speed of light from a distant star, with Albert Einstein as your guide. And along the way, he's going to explain the universe and how it works as completely and clearly as he can. It's a very (very) odd premise, and yet it works. The whole thing is based off of Flitcroft's blog, also called Journey by Starlight. I've since read a few entries from the blog, and I think the graphic novel version stays quite true to the blog entries, and adds quite a bit of context with the visuals.

But this is not light reading. It may be "only" a 200 page graphic novel, but I can't remember ever working so hard for 200 pages in my life. The panels are, by necessity, full of text, which is often quite complicated text. But it's also quite clear. I understood this way better than I did when my high school physics teacher was trying to teach me. Will it stick with me? I certainly hope so. I wouldn't have read this book if I didn't want to learn.