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Action Comics, Vol. 2: Bulletproof - Max Landis, Cafe, Sholly Fisch, Gene Ha, Cully Hamner, Brad Walker, Ben Oliver, Rags Morales, Grant Morrison, Ryan Sook I was shocked by how much I liked the first volume of New 52's Action Comics. Because honestly, I don't really care for Superman. But Morrison had been able to make the guy interesting, without straying too far from what I think of as the core of the character. Alas, no such luck here. Maybe I just fundamentally don't care for Superman, no matter what anyone does with him. But there was at least one storyline here that I think would have irritated me with any character. Let's kill the Clark Kent identity! No, wait, that was a terrible idea. I know! Let's make sure that everybody forgets it ever happened! We are not amused. I'm not sure if I'll keep going with volume three, but it's more likely than not. This volume was decent, at least, despite that one storyline.