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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Guarded - Andrew Chambliss, Drew Z. Greenberg, Karl Moline, Georges Jeanty, Jane Espenson, Joss Whedon So Buffy tries to find herself, again. At this point, I've read this story so many times, in so many largely similar ways, that it just fails to engage me. That said, I like the idea of Kennedy's army of Slayer bodyguards, and I'm glad that somebody gave thought to what's become of her. Billy the Zompire Slayer's story was far more compelling. Billy is a great new character, and I loved watching him come into his own. And the dynamic between him and his best friend, and him and his Watcher and soon-to-be-boyfriend are sweet and really well done. I hope that they show up more. That said, I don't know if we should be wanting this to go on forever. A good stopping point would be nice.

Oh, and after ripping on the art for nearly every volume of IDW's Angel series, I have to say that it's quite good here. The characters look as they ought, and there are some really nicely done panels. A nice job on an established property.