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Superman: Last Son of Krypton - Geoff Johns, Adam Kubert, Gary Frank I'm really not a Superman fan, so it says something when I enjoy a Superman book this much. In this case, a story with actual emotional resonance. A young Kryptonian boy crash lands in Metropolis. Of course Superman gets attached to him. Of course he wants to give him the life his parents gave him. And, being Superman, of course it gets complicated. End result? Superman teaming up with Lex Luthor to take out an army of Kryptonian invaders from the Phantom Zone, lead by General Zod. Early Christmas for Luthor, who is in fine form here. He's always at his most interesting when his vendetta against Superman makes some kind of sense. And Johns is smart enough to give him a point. And really, it just fun to see him finally get his wish to take down a Kryptonian. (Though it does beg the question, if it's so easy with Zod's army, why does he have so much trouble with Superman?) The rest button does get hit pretty hard at the end, and I'm not a big fan of the art (mostly the panel layouts, which are not the best for clean storytelling), but the end result is a fun, action packed story that actually has a heart. And a Superman book that I liked. Go figure.