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Teen Titans Spotlight: Wonder Girl - J. Torres, Sanford Greene, Nathan Massengill, Guy Major Meh. This comic is a study in wasted opportunities. The Amazons Attack event, horrible as it was, left a wealth of openings for delving into Cassandra's character. It seems like the regular Teen Titans book completely ignored the event (good idea!) and the Wonder Girl miniseries got stuck with dealing with it. Unfortunately, everything really interesting is glossed over way too fast. Cassandra sends her mother into hiding abroad, which should be the start to a great story in and of itself, but it's largely ignored. The one scene that rang true was when Cassie finally gets a talk with Diana at the end of the book. True to comic book's general level of false advertising, they are by no means at each other's throats the way the cover to the trade (and that particular issue) suggests. I don't consider this a spoiler, because anyone with even a passing familiarity with Diana and Cassie know that would never happen, short of serious mental tampering. And since that's the last issue in a miniseries that never addresses anything like that...