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Teen Titans, Vol. 14: Team Building - J.T. Krul, Fabian Nicieza, Various This is a huge improvement over the last few volumes. Part of that is because there's finally an effective team. I would say that I felt bad for Bombshell and Aquagirl getting shuffled away off the page, but honestly? I don't miss them. The team dynamic here is much better than it'd been in ages. And then Damian gets added to the team, and that's sure to be fun for all.

This is a fun read. Good action, proactive storylines, actual character development. The scenes with Damian are, of course, the best. Here's here because Dick thinks he needs to make friends. Guess how well that's going? When he isn't irritating, he's a very fun character to read about, and I think Krul nailed it. I especially liked the few scenes he has with Rose, one of the few people in the world who might be able to get him.

There are some problems here, mostly things that happen off the page that are actually sort of important. Somehow, between the first issue of this collection and the last issue of the previous one, Ravager rejoined the Titans. How? Why? I have no idea, it's never covered or even hinted at. She just did. Is this something that happens elsewhere, or was Krul taking a shortcut? And then there's poor Kid Eternity. He was abducted in #74, and neither he nor his disappearance is ever mentioned until here, in #92, when he shows up again apparently having been murdered by Calculator long since. That's 18 issues where, by all appearances on the page, nobody knew or cared where he was. This isn't entirely Krul's fault. There was more than one writer ignoring him. But it sure drives home how little anyone cared about the poor guy.