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Teen Titans, Vol. 13: The Hunt for Raven - Felicia Henderson, Joe Bennett, José Luís Probably a far better read if you read at least some Static Shock going in. The first half of the story is all about resolving Static's broken ties with his home. But since I had never read Static Shock (or watched the cartoon, ofr that matter) I had no real emotional connection here. The second half, about that hunt for Raven the title mentions, echoed the storyline in [b:Teen Titans, Vol. 1: A Kid's Game|64005|Teen Titans, Vol. 1 A Kid's Game|Geoff Johns|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1308521021s/64005.jpg|62149] a bit too closely for my taste. Granted that the two stories weren't exact copies of each other, and that I may not have spotted so many similarities if I hadn't read A Kid's Game just a few months ago. Oh, and while I'm at it: Beast Boy watching Raven sleep is creepy. No less so because he's in bird form.