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Teen Titans Ravager Fresh Hell TP - Various I had originally thought that this trade was collecting a Ravager miniseries. No, this was actually printed as regular issues of Teen Titans, but since this is an all-Ravager story, I understand why it was collected just under the Ravager title. How much you like it will depend entirely on how much like (and how sympathetic you can be towards) Rose Wilson. I happen to like her, quite a bit, and so I ended up liking this book, too. She's a great character, and I don't think she's ever gotten quite the attention she deserves. It also works better if you read it as an exploration of her character, because the plot is honestly not all it could be. Of course, if you don't like Rose, you could easily skip this one. It looked to me like it would have minimal impact on the rest of the Teen Titans storylines, at least until (unless?) Rose shows up in that book again.