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I'm not sure why this is billed as purely a Teen Titans book. It's actually a minor crossover between three titles: Teen Titans, Titans (the "classic" Teen Titans in their adult roles), and Vigilante. Now, I knew nothing about Vigilante going in, and as it turns out, I didn't really need to. The character, or at least this version of him, is self-explanatory. And so is the story: Jericho has gone rogue. Again.

And that's all you need to know. Being a crossover, the quality is choppy. I couldn't call any of the writing horrible, though it wasn't exactly exciting. Jericho's plan is overly complicated for what he was intending to do (kill the Titans and Teen Titans) especially when his power set would have made it relatively easy for him to stealth kill the lot of them. Only the last few pages have any real narrative interest. The rest of the book is straightforward, predictable battling with no repurcussions, but the ending is brutally effective.

The art in Vigilante is terrible. Not only does it look bad, it does a very poor job of representing the script. At one point, Vigilante's narration says that he's trying to keep out of Donna Troy's grasp... in the very same panel that shows her throwing him to the floor by the front of his costume. The other two books have decent enough art, but nothing to get excited about.

There's not much point in reading this, unless you're trying to read through Teen Titans or Titans.