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The Losers (Book One) - Andy Diggle A heist comic that sets itself apart by making the target the American government, or at least a shadowy faction that works within it. Our heroes are former CIA, seemingly killed in action by their own handler after discovering the wrong secret. After years in hiding, they've gone on the offensive, working to take down the handler that betrayed them.

When you get right down to it, The Losers is a heist series. For something like this, I need plans that I can believe, daringly executed. And luckily, we get that here. I also like that the team is allowed realistic fumbles on the way. Most of the characters are memorable, though a few are a bit thin. Every now and then, the dialog will start to sound like an unexceptional action movie, but for the most part it isn't bad. Huge, huge bonus points for adding Aisha, a woman who is capable, dangerous, and, wonder of wonders, not sexualized. Look at her! She's wearing pants! She's neither eye candy nor love interest! I wish this weren't so rare.

The best thing may be the vivid, action-packed art. Yes, it does kind of look like the storyboard for a big-budget action movie. That's why it works so well, because you know what's happening as it happens.