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Batman: Knightfall, Vol. 3: KnightsEnd - Chuck Dixon, Doug Moench Another monster volume drawing the (overly long) Knightfall storyline to a close. Bruce is back, and has claimed the cowl back from Jean Paul Valley. And that's roughly halfway through this volume. The rest of the book is Dick Grayson's first stint as Batman, with Tim Drake as Robin. It was this second half of the book that I really enjoyed. Dick really does make a good Batman, and it's a shame that comic conventions means he'll only get to take that role on briefly every decade or so. Tim's my favorite Robin, and I always like seeing him and Dick interact. The book does close with a fairly nice talk between Bruce and Dick as Bruce takes on the cowl full time again, but most of the writing is so, so 90s. Decent enough, for the time, but a little overblown today. The same goes for the art, which varies from pretty decent to horrible. The last issue in particular had some really bad panels. This is way, way too much book for a casual read, especially since you really do need to have read the other two Knightfall bricks to really understand what's going on. There's roughly 2000 pages put together, after all. As a whole, the storyline did have a good basic idea, and much of what it actually accomplished is good, but it was stretched out way, way too long.