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I Am Here! Omnibus Vol. 01 - 遠山 えま, Ema Tōyama I didn't really expect anything going into this manga. The art on the cover was really cute, and that was enough for me to pick it up. Am I ever glad that I did. Sumino is so quiet and painfully shy that nobody around her seems to notice her. And being a very shy person myself (though not quite that shy!) I could really identify with that. She ends up attracting a popular boy by doing something very brave and kind-hearted, and I loved that start to their relationship. He's very sweet with her. There's also some bullying in this book, which seems to be pretty much taken care of by the end of this volume. Pretty realistically, too- the bullies don't see the light so much as they give up. I ended up really liking this book that I had no expectations for, which is always a lovely surprise.