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Secret Wars - Jim Shooter, Mike Zeck, Bob Layton I honestly went into Secret Wars expecting it to be mostly of historical interest only. And there is a healthy dose of that. Secret Wars is probably best known for introducing Spider-Man's black costume (and we all know how important that turned out to be), but there were other lasting effects. (My favorite: as a result of events in Secret Wars, the creepy Kitty/Colossus relationship was broken up.) And you can certainly read it just expecting to see a milestone in the Marvel Universe.

But surprisingly, I found myself having fun with the book. Sure, it's basically a glorified action scene stretched over twelve issues to sell toys. Sure, the dialog can be over the top and cheesy. (And every sentence ends with an exclamation point! Because it's exciting!) Sure, some of the characters were apparently included with little thought and have little to nothing done with them. (I'm thinking of Nightcrawler in particular, who probably has less than a dozen lines in the entire series.) Sure, the whole thing makes little sense and the apparent architect of all of this, the Beyonder, never actually shows up. But it is still a lot of (admittedly shallow) fun to read.

I would suggest looking for this exact release. There's a nice introduction talking about how the series came about, plus a really fun essay about the toy line. And best of all, it includes the scenes from the various regular comics (like Thor, for example) showing how the heroes came to be on Battleworld. Very helpful, considering that Secret Wars #1 starts with all the pieces in place.