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Birds of Prey, Vol. 3: Of Like Minds - Gail Simone, Ed Benes, Alex Lei, Rob Lea It's almost like a book of two halves. On one hand, Gail Simone writes strong, physically and mentally imposing women with emotional lives that don't revolve around men. On the other hand, there's the art that goes beyond what I consider the normal standard of sexually exploitative for female superheroes. I've seen this sort of thing before in superhero comics starring strong women. Almost like editorial is petrified that that readers won't pick up a comic about female superheroes unless they sex it up. Just take a look at that cover and tell me if you can honestly see Babs wearing that. Worse are the cringe-inducing number of panels that make the ladies' breasts and butts the focus, sometimes to the point of actually cropping their heads out of the panel. The characters Simone wrote deserve much better than this, and so did her storyline. I can recommend this book for the writing, just be warned about the art.