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Zombies: A Record of the Year of Infection: Field Notes by Dr. Robert Twombly - Don Roff, Chris Lane Presented as the journal of a doctor (and amateur artist) kept throughout a zombie plague, this can be a pretty gory and unsettling book. As a good zombie book should be. The sheer (clinical) detail of the drawings may stretch credibility, but Roff really went the extra mile with the written journal entries. I'm used to reading journal-style books with lengthy dialog that nobody would ever really remember, and consistently perfect grammar. Not so here. There's little enough dialog, and most conversations are paraphrased. I especially liked how Twombley would lose his train of thought, or change his mind mid-sentence, or scratch out words and phrases he no longer liked. It made it look a lot more like a real journal. And the entries were short! Very few people will sit down to write a dozen pages a day, but one or two? I can believe that. The art really can be rather gory, but it's nothing I haven't seen in The Walking Dead. It's a very fast read, and there's some really good ideas about zombies in here. But I have to say, I never like it when somebody tries to explain away a zombie plague, especially with a food additive similar to aspartame, because I think that it's more effective if the zombies have no concrete explanation.