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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 Volume 2: On Your Own -  'Scott Allie', 'Andrew Chambliss' Well, that was weird. This volume went directly from a really well-done and actually fairly moving story about Buffy finding herself pregnant to robot!Buffy. Seriously. I have to say that the pregnancy subplot was really great. I loved how it was handled, how Buffy tracked down Robin and was very thoughtful about the impact her choices would have on her own life and on the life of her unborn baby. Possibly the best thing that's been in Buffyverse comics to date. And then suddenly it turns out she's not pregnant, because she was a robot all along. What the hell? The robot story wasn't completely horrible, but it was such a jarring change from what came before that I couldn't help but dislike it. Even in the middle of that, there were still a few good character moments. But it could have been even better, if they hadn't decided to resolve the actually compelling pregnancy storyline with a robot.