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Mini Marvels Ultimate Collection - Chris Giarrusso, Sean McKeever, Marc Sumerak, Paul Tobin, Audrey Loeb More like 3.5 stars, but I just can't bring myself to round it up. This is, apparently, everything that was ever published under the Mini Marvels name. There's single strips, single page, and multiple page comics in here. Like [b:Tiny Titans|6051687|Tiny Titans, Vol. 1 Welcome to the Treehouse|Art Baltazar|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1320481147s/6051687.jpg|6227468], it's a chibi-fied version of the Marvel universe, with kid-friendly storylines. As an adult reading it, I didn't like it quite as much as Tiny Titans. But I think a kid would like it just as much, probably more. There's a lot less backstory required to understand what's going on than in Tiny Titans. A kid who'd seen the most recent crop of Marvel movies could keep up admirably. Take the ongoing storyline of Spider-Man trying to deliver Norman Osborn's newspaper. Anyone who's seen the first Spider-Man movie (and who over the age of eight hasn't?) would be able to follow. And there are still a few bits for adult readers, like the Mini Marvel take on Civil War. A fun read, for sure.