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Mixed Vegetables, Vol. 1 - Ayumi Komura, Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic Hanayu was born to the daughter of a pastry chef, but all she really wants is to be a sushi chef. Her parents would never understand, so she makes it her life's ambition to marry the son of a sushi chef. Enter Hayato Hyuga, the son of a sushi chef who seems to be interested in her.

So there's the manufactured drama. The first volume is divided more or less evenly between the romantic conflict and covering the culinary school they both attend. The culinary parts are by far the most interesting. I think I would like this book far more if it abandoned the romance plot and made it purely a cooking school story. Because I'll be honest, the students training to slice cucumbers is way more interesting than Hanayu and Hayato's underwhelming romance story. And honestly, I didn't like Hanayu much in this book at all.

The art does vary a bit. Komura is very, very good at drawing delicious food, but I really dislike her character work. This was actually the third time I'd picked up this manga to read. The first two times, I so disliked the way that she drew Hanayu and Hayato on the cover that I couldn't even attempt to read it.

Maybe the romance subplot will improve in later volumes, but I just don't care now.