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Meet Caroline - Kathleen Ernst, Robert Papp, Lisa Papp Whole series review. In true American Girls fashion, Caroline is another spunky, fundamentally good girl not above making the sort of mistakes that make an adult facepalm but sound like a good idea, at the time, to a ten year old. Her story is set during the War of 1812, which probably few people know anything about except that it happened. Her father is a shipbuilder, captured by the British early in the first book. And this is where my favorite part of the series comes in: her mother takes over her father's business with a minimum of fuss, and is very successful at it. No surprise to anyone that knows her and her family. Caroline's maternal grandmother was widowed during the Revolutionary War, and raised her daughter and managed the family farm by herself. It's a real pleasure to read about a family of historically accurate strong, intelligent, and capable women, and to see Caroline being raised to be the same.