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Batman - The Dark Knight Vol. 1:  Golden Dawn - David Finch This was kind of a hot mess. I'm not a big fan of stuffing Batman into mystical stories. He's not a mystical character, almost anti-mystical at times, so it's usually a poor fit. But it can be done, carefully. Finch wasn't careful. Instead, he seemed to get enamored with the idea of an evil cult. So we have that, plus a friend from Bruce's childhood we'd never heard of before, and an oddly obsessed Batman, and a smarmy new cop, and political intrigues... And it never comes together as a cohesively plotted whole, instead of something that was thrown together as Finch went along. There's an unresolved (at least, in this collection) subplot about the smarmy new cop trying to take Gordon's job, but I don't care enough about the writing to seek out the end of the subplot, nor do I believe that it would ever resolve in anything other than Gordon's vindication. And it probably didn't carry over into the New 52 anyways, so what's the point?

There's also, inexplicably, a Morrison-written one shot, set immediately after Bruce's return from the dead. It's a good enough story, though I have no idea why it's here. Better still is the very short story set in the future (the same one Morrison used in one of his stories) starring Damian as future Batman (and mentioning Terry, ha) and Connor as future Superman. Which, though brief, is actually pretty good stuff.