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Batman Black and White, Vol. 2 - Mark Chiarello, Paul Dini, Kelley Puckett, Steven T. Seagle, Ty Templeton, John Arcudi, Brian Azzarello, John Byrne, Howard Chaykin, Warren Ellis, Harlan Ellison, Alan Grant, Dave Gibbons, Robert Kanigher, Paul Levitz, Tom Peyer, Paul Pope, Walter Simonson, Alex Ross, Steve It's an anthology, so of course it's a mixed bag, both from an art and story perspective. There are some really outstanding stories here. Paul Dini's "Case Study", the first story in the collection, is a nice and perceptive look at Joker's psychology, painting him as someone completely sane, possibly even hyper-sane, who uses the trappings of insanity as a mask. Howard Chaykin's "Blackout" took me surprise. It's set in the 40s and co-stars Catwoman, and surprised me by being an honestly good period piece. Most of the other pieces are decent reads, though there are a few clunkers. I very much could have done without "Batsman" or "Snow Job", and "The Black and White Bandit" is almost painfully forgettable. But there's more than enough good here to make this a worthwhile read, for Batman fans.