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Superman: Brainiac HC - Geoff Johns,  Gary Frank (Illustrator) A decent enough Superman book, with just one problem for me: it's about Superman. I think I have to accept that I'm just not a fan and that I'm not likely to bring myself to care too much about the character, overall. That said, it is a good take on the character, and I appreciate the human roots Johns works with here: Ma and Pa and Lois. Isn't it nice to read about a superhero who has solid and loving relationships with "normal" people. The story I could have probably dredged up more emotional connection to if I cared about Superman, and I don't doubt that somebody who does like him would enjoy it far more than I did.

I do have to take exception to how the character of Cat Grant was handled. There are no doubts in my mind that she was introduced solely for fanboys to leer at, while helping them feel better about leering at Supergirl. Unrealistic and in exceptionally poor taste. Special kudos for the scene that implies that only an alien would be able to look a woman in the eye (you know, like she's an actual person) instead of gaping at her chest like a neanderthal.