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Angel: Only Human - Mirco Perfederic, David Messina, Scott Lobdell Set in the aftermath of the After the Fall storyline, Only Human is a miniseries starring Gunn and Illyria. The summary makes rather more of the story than is actual there. If you believe the copy, it's about Gunn and Illyria struggling to return to their former lives after hell, and Illyria coming to terms with the legacy of Fred. Not so much. Neither seem terribly bothered by what came before (the mainline book does a much better job of dealing with Gunn's guilt, and Illyria never seemed that upset to begin with) and Illyria doesn't really care that much about Fred's legacy. That aside, it's a very standard demon of the week plot, with only impossible-under-a-TV-budget special effects to separate it from an average episode of Angel. It isn't terrible, but neither is it great, or even essential.