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Hellblazer, Vol. 2: The Devil You Know - Jamie Delano, David Lloyd, Richard Piers Rayner, Mark Buckingham, Bryan Talbot I'll be honest, I just didn't like this one much. Delano is a talented enough writer, true. But it's simply not to my taste. It's far too unrelentingly dark and visceral, with characters that dance on the line between merely unlikeable and entirely obnoxious. Yes, even Constantine. I wonder if I like the idea of him better than I like the actual character? I was also surprised to discover how deeply rooted the book is in late 80s British politics, about which I have limited knowledge and interest. The most memorable story was the surreal and grotesque nuclear meltdown nightmare sequence. I won't forget that anytime soon, but it was too strange and detached to work for me. It took me a long time to get through this book, because I had to keep forcing myself back to it.