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Thor, Vol. 1 - J. Michael Straczynski, Olivier Coipel A deeply impressive reboot. Or rebirth, more appropriately. Thor, and all the Asgardians, were really, truly, legitimately dead in the Marvel U. How to bring them back? Huge props to JMS for how he does handle it. No take backs, no cheap tricks, and no easy routes. The rebirth of the Asgardians is a long, sometimes painful process. It rings true, and though I'm sure the (then still in pre-production) Thor movie helped convince Marvel to bring the god of thunder back, it reads as more than just an eventual movie tie-in.

For one, there's the fabulous notion of Thor recreating Asgard as a city floating eight feet over Oklahoma. Aside from just being a brilliant notion, JMS follows through with some of the more practical concerns of a mythical city hanging over a small town. Like sanitation, for example.

I have to say that the best scene was Thor bringing Iron Man to task for some of his actions during Civil War (seemingly still ongoing at the time). Namely, passing off a Thor clone as himself. Yeah, that'll put a ding in a friendship. The ensuing smackdown is epic, and immensely satisfying to read for someone who hated Civil War. Also, it seems Doom will somehow get tangled up in all of this, and I couldn't be happier.