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Excalibur Visionaries: Alan Davis, Vol. 2 - Alan Davis, Scott Lobdell, Will Simpson, James Fry, Joe Madureira, Steve Lightle, Ron Lim, Brian Stelfreeze, Dwayne Turner, Jae Lee, Malcolm Jones, Rick Leonardi, Doug Braithwaite, Sam Kieth Varied a bit more in quality than it should have. The actual Alan Davis stories were pretty good, and served mostly to tie up any leftover loose ends from the previous 50 or so issues of Excalibur, including getting Jamie Braddock sorted. But the issues not actually by Alan Davis are less successful. There's an awful lot of non-Davis stuff in here, for a collection named after him. I guess I should see these collections not as Visionaries, but Classics (not just one writer, but complete chronological runs of a book). But why not just call them that? The last two issues are a Davis-plotted, Scott Lobdell-penned crossover with the X-Men. Good grief. Hated the art, hated the writing style. Davis's influence is best seen in the framing device that accompanies the story, which is (surprise!) the best thing about it by far.