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Doom Patrol, Vol. 5: Magic Bus - Grant Morrison, Richard Case, Ken Steacy, Stan Woch, Philip Bond, Mark McKenna, Scott Hanna If only all exposition storylines were this well done! Yes, Magic Bus is mostly occupied with putting all of the pieces into play for what will follow in the next volume. But it's just so good that I don't mind at all. Much is fleshed out, but even more is left in the shadows. The cliffhanger at the end is unbelievably bold. Where does Doom Patrol go from here? I couldn't even guess. It's like Morrison casually threw a grenade on the property. In a good way.

And then there's Doom Patrol #53, a deeply affectionate take on a Kirby-esque story. The first few pages (featuring John Constantine and the Phantom Stranger in brightly colored spandex costumes) made me think it was a parody, but it ended up being written in earnest. And the best part? It's actually a good story, and the style really works.