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Queen & Country: The Definitive Edition, Vol. 1 - Greg Rucka Collecting the first twelve issues (and three storylines) of the Queen and Country series, this is a brick. But it's also an immensely enjoyable espionage tale. Bonus points for reading more realistically than a Bond movie. This feels rather more like what I would expect real intelligence agents would do on missions and at home, and I didn't spot any glaringly unrealistic points. I also appreciate how Rucka dealt with the toll a life in intelligence would take on an operative's personal life.

But I really, sincerely hated Leandro Fernandez's art in the third storyline. I was greatly enjoying how the other artists had drawn main character Chace when Fernandez came along and decided that drawing her as an attractive person just couldn't be allowed to stand when he could draw her as a sex object. I mean, really, wearing an absurdly low-cut vest to work with nothing underneath? and giving her a waist no bigger around than her upper arm? Honestly, he wasn't doing anybody any favors, but his version of Chace irritated me the most.