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Chase - Dan Curtis Johnson, J.H. Williams III If you want a mild dose of nostalgia for 90s DCU but don't want to actually read more than a few panels with Superman Blue, Chase is a good option. Feeling very much like the spiritual ancestor of Gotham Central, Chase follows title character Cameron Chase as a DEO field agent. So she's rubbing elbows, however briefly, with a wide cross section of 90s DC characters, including the aforementioned Superman Blue (God, DC) and a version of the Titans lead by Ray Palmer. It... maybe wasn't the best time for the DCU at large. But Chase, the nine issue series, is pretty spectacular. It's a little hampered by the less than stellar cast floating through the DCU at the time, and the "bonus" stories at the end are underwhelming in the extreme. There was a lot of potential, sadly cut short. Luckily, Chase herself is still around, even in the New 52.