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Angel: Last Angel in Hell - Juliet Landau, Stephen Mooney, Franco Urru, Brian Lynch This volume was better than the last, but mostly not that great. There's four stories here. The first, with Gunn and Illyria, is a post-After the Fall storyline. It does little other than to catch us up on those characters. Next is a Drusilla story, co-written by Juliet Landau. I was surprised by how much I ended up liking it. It is a very strange story, but since the entire thing is filtered through Dru's perceptions, that's to be expected. The third story is an overly long Angel-and-the-gang-at-a-con thing. I admit that Spike's impression of Angel was mostly hilarious, but the rest of the story... Well, I could have done with less of it. Last up is the Hollywood adaptation of the After the Fall storyline, with typical Hollywood attention to detail: Spike has become a woman, and Angel's ex-fiancee. Funny at first, but since it's meant to be a bad Hollywood "blockbuster" film, I ended up getting tired of that, too. Still, it's way better than the last volume had been, possibly because it completely ignores everything that happened there.