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The Tower Room - Adèle Geras, Adèle Geras I'm not sure who this book is for. If, like me, you go into it looking for a retold Sleeping Beauty, you'll be disappointed. It's little more than a hook in the summary, and I doubt I'd spot the parallels if I hadn't been told they were there. The characters are lifeless. There isn't enough historical flavor for fans of historical fiction. It is set in the 60s, but being set at a boarding school makes it somewhat timeless. If you're reading it for the romance... Sorry. I found it entirely unromantic. Aside from being dull and unconvincing, it's also a teacher-student affair that I guess I'm supposed to fall for. I suppose only fans of highly inappropriate insta-love would be at all interested. The ending softens this somewhat by having the main character decide to leave her older boyfriend to go back to school. After all, if they really love each other, they can both wait, right? Raise your hand if you honestly think she'll ever see him again...