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The Complete Far Side, 1980-1994 - Gary Larson, Steve Martin, Jake Morrissey I've loved The Far Side since my first brush with it. My local paper used to publish a lovely, full color comic book with their Sunday edition. Alas, it's gone now. If there's anything in the Sunday paper of the same quality as The Far Side or Calvin and Hobbes, I would dearly like to know about it.

At any rate, I always loved The Far Side, though I didn't always understand it. Like so many other childhood memories, there's always the question of if it'll hold up when revisited. Not a problem here. Like I said, I didn't understand every Far Side comic back then, and I think I got it now. Funny, irreverent, cheerfully strange, and full of cows. It's still second only to Calvin and Hobbes in my affections, and that's some lofty company to keep in my eyes.

(Note: My local library only had volume one for some reason (?) so I still need to get my hands on volume two to finish.)