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Excalibur Visionaries: Alan Davis, Vol. 1 - Alan Davis After Claremont left the title, Alan Davis took over both writing and art duties. This was actually a very good thing. Davis's art is a great fit for a more light-hearted superhero book like this, and I have to applaud him for giving all of the main characters their own unique and consistent looks. (As in, there's no way that I could ever confuse Rachel and Kitty, even if Kitty dyed her hair red, because they have different features. It's amazing how often this is not the case.) Most of the trade is a good, straightforward superhero book, with a few notable features. For one, what Davis did with Nightcrawler's character development is fantastic. The role of leader really suited him, and I don't think he ever got that back after he returned to the X-Men. Loose ends from Claremont's run are tied up, and the entire run to this point is brought together in a storyline that I suppose was meant to be epic and explain it all. Unfortunately, it ended up being a little too heavy on exposition to really get going. That only bogged down the last issue in the book, though, so most of it was a pretty fun read.