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Angel: Aftermath - Kelley Armstrong, Stefano Martino, Dave Ross I wasn't really paying attention to the writer or artist when I picked up this volume (because, let's be honest, I was going to read it anyway). After reading it, I can't overstate my sheer lack of surprise that this is not the same team that worked on the After the Fall storyline. I miss them.

There was one new element of Aftermath that I enjoyed: Dez. As a character, she's fun, she has a fairly strong and consistent voice, and a were-jaguar is just a cool idea.

And... that was it. The art is just plain ugly most of the time, and weirdly inappropriate. (Why is Kate fighting demons in what looks like a "sexy" cop costume?) The characters aren't just off-model (and boy, are they) they aren't consistently drawn from page to page, even from panel to panel.

The storytelling is mostly dull and uninspiring. Snappy dialog? What snappy dialog? The best characters from the show and previous issues of the comic (Spike, Lorne, and Illyria) are completely absent. Instead, we have the return of Kate. Did anybody really miss her? Because I certainly didn't. On the bright side, the character presented as Kate here only vaguely resembles the Kate from the show, in looks and personality. Unfortunately, I don't like her any better. Gwen's personality is also off. I just don't buy her as creepily needy stalker.

This was a huge mis-step in the Angel comics. Luckily, it seems that this was Armstrong's sole go at the title.