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Excalibur Classic - Volume 5 - Chris Claremont, Michael Higgins, Scott Lobdell, Tom Morgan, Chris Wozniak, David               Ross, Ron Wagner, Dana Moreshead, John Higgins, Dave Ross It seems that this is where Claremont's run on the title limped to a close. Good. There are actually a few writers involved here, but the last story was all Claremont. It is, oddly, a school story, starring Kitty. There are the required mean girls, of course, and the sports part of the story is filled by the debut of Britain's first (and only, apparently- who are they playing?) American football team. The school girls come in when they decide to enter the competition to become the team's new cheerleading squad, so the prize money will keep their school open. It's a departure from the sort of story I expect to see in a book about Excalibur. No real superheroics for most of the story, after all. (Kitty is unable to use her powers at school. This is never explained.) Judged purely as a school story, it's lacking. I feel like it was written solely as an excuse to draw Kitty in a school uniform and as a cheerleader. It's an awfully long way to go for a bit of fanservice.