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Illyria - Elizabeth Hand I think that I'm supposed to have a very Flowers in the Attic reaction to this book. It is about a romantic and sexual relationship between first cousins, after all, and they do carry on their trysts in an attic. (That's... blatant.) I think this is where I show how much historical fiction I've read: I just can't get too worked up about first cousin romance. Maybe I've read far too many 19th century (and earlier) books where a first cousin was a perfectly reasonable marriage option. (In real life, Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein were both married to first cousins.) So without that sense of shock... What's the point? And I'm not sure how to read a love that is both strong enough to last more than 20 years, but not strong enough for either to do anything about it in all that time. There's a very mild touch of fantasy in a (possibly?) enchanted toy stage, but that never really amounts to anything.