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Wonder Woman: Paradise Found - Phil Jimenez, Andy Lanning, Travis Moore, Brandon Badeaux, Marlo Alquiza, Lary Stucker, Kevin Conrad, José Marzán Jr. Supposed to be a follow up to Wonder Woman: Paradise Lost. It starts out that way, at least. And then the middle section of the book is entirely taken over by what I presume to have been part of a big crossover event I'm not familiar with. Poor Jimenez did an admirable job of trying to get the reader up to speed, but honestly, I was lost. The death of Hippolyta was so narratively necessary (she'd been written into an unpleasant corner) that it hardly comes by a surprise, and I give Jimenez credit for writing it as well as he did. The actual Paradise Found story is somewhat less than compelling, since it's so... expected. The best part of the entire collection is probably the scene where Diana tells Julia what's become of her daughter. Unresolved, of course, but a very effective scene, told well and without undue melodrama.