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The Flash, Vol. 2: The Road to Flashpoint - Geoff Johns, Francis Manapul, Scott Kolins I'll be honest: everything I know about Flash I learned from crossover events. So I figured it would probably be a good idea to read the prelim stories for the Flashpoint event, in the hopes of having a better idea of what was going on. I ended up being glad that I did. Not so much for the actual storyline, that I do think will lead directly into Flashpoint proper. The collection starts out with a wonderfully creepy story about Zoom, and how he uses his time travel abilities to rewrite his own history. Fall in love with a girl with a fiance? His future self will travel back in time to give the fiance a tragic death. Girl still hung up on dead fiance? Future self will make sure she never met him. Girl still not interested in Future Creeper? Future self can take care of that, too... This was absolutely the best part of the entire collection.