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Fray - Joss Whedon, Andy Owens, Karl Moline A sort of Buffy sequel, set way in the future with an almost entirely different setting. Malaka Fray is a Slayer, but she'll have no Watcher. They're no more than a demented cult at this point. Her guidance comes from a demon. There are vampires, but they're called lurks and regarded as just another type of demon. And Malaka herself is a professional thief employed by a fish man.

There's a bit of the tendency that dragged down Buffy Season 8 here. "We don't have a budget! We can do ANYTHING!" Which is fine, until they did everything, and the actual story suffered for it. It's kept together much better here than it was over in season 8, though. Possibly because this was just an 8 issue mini. This is good by me, because the core story is pretty good, and certainly better than the Twilight arc turned out to be.

The good is as to be expected from Joss Whedon: interesting characters, sharp dialog, and a creepy mythology. The art is also really good, better than most of what I've seen out of the Buffy comics. (It probably helps that Malaka doesn't have to look like a real person.)